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June 2017

Free Barclays Center Finals for 2017 Winter Season

by NYCBBL on

We are excited to announce EVERY NYC Basketball League 2017 Winter Division will have its final played on the Barclays Center practice court at no additional charge. The court is in the Barclays Center right across from the Nets Locker Room and each final will include an epic trophy presentation ceremony at center court. You can get full details on the winter season and sign up here. This is one of several unique features we have put in place for the 2017 WInter season. You can see a list of all of our features and benefits here. You can also play around with a demo of our stats and analytics features here.


For now this is a one time opportunity that the Barclays Center is providing to the league. We think this adds another amazing dimension to the league for every player and it adds to the many reasons our 1000’s of players love the league. As all teams are gaurenteed a playoff game every team in New York City Basketball League ends their regular season just a couple of wins away from this unique experience. This is the first of several announcements we hope to make on special features for the 2017 Winter season. Between our new website features, superior gyms, and professional quality player analytics, we hope you will join our 1000’s of members that believe we’re the best basketball league in NYC.

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