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NYC Basketball Gift Cards

Looking for a different gift for your daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew or friend? Well, get out of the monotony and give them the Gift of Basketball.


With NYC Basketball Gift Cards, you can give them either full credits for any program, or a big push towards getting their next NYC Basketball registration to one or more of NYC’s best Basketball Programs. The person receiving the gift card will be able to choose to spend it in any of our NYC Basketball Kids Programs available until December 31st, 2019.*


Types of Gift Cards

All NYC Basketball Gift Cards are for a specific US dollar amount to be used by December 31st, 2019. The person redeeming the gift card, must be registered on our NYC Basketball Kids Website as it is under his/her account that credits will be added for the gift card’s full amount. Gift Cards available will show up in the registration page here.


  • $600 NYC Basketball Gift Card
  • $500 NYC Basketball Gift Card
  • $400 NYC Basketball Gift Card
  • $300 NYC Basketball Gift Card
  • $200 NYC Basketball Gift Card
  • $100 NYC Basketball Gift Card


*Exceptions include NBA Tickets purchases and any specific special events not included in our Registration Page.


Links For Redeemable Programs for Gift Cards


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I purchase a gift card?

A: Like with any of our programs, just follow the Registration Page, select your program and add to cart, and when you are ready, go to Complete Registration to make payment. Gift cards are only acceptable by making payment with Credit Cards. No discount or purchased credits are valid for buying gift cards.


Q: How does the gifted person redeem the gift card?

A: To redeem the Gift Card, all that is needed is to sign up at NYC Basketball Kids Website (if you haven’t done so) and send an email to confirming email and name of person who purchased the Gift Card, and your email and name. Full credit will be added to your NYC Basketball Account to start using it right away. Afterwards you can register to any of the Kids programs and just pay for them with the available credits.


Q: How do I complete registration after redeeming a gift card?

A: For any of our programs, you can follow the Registration Page, select your program and add to cart, and when you are ready, go to Complete Registration to make payment. Before confirming payment, you will be allowed to say how much you want to pay in credits and how much on your credit card. If no credits are available, the only option offered will be the credit card. If the purchase price is higher than the remaining credits left, you may pay the balance left with credit card. Registration is only complete once payment has been submitted.


Q: Are there any Payment Plans Available?

A: While not all of our programs have payment plans, some do. Please contact us at 212 390 1776 for more information.


Q: What are flexible lessons and how do I use them?

A: Flexible group lessons work with lesson credits that you can use to book small group lessons (max 7 kids per group) anytime in the next 12 months. Flex Lessons Credits start with 6-Lessons Packages, and the more Lessons you buy, the cheaper the credits become. After purchasing a credit package you will receive more info and a link to book your first lesson.


Q: What is the Difference between Weekly Classes and Flex Lessons?

A: Flex Lessons are based on credits. Credits last 1 year since the moment you purchase them, and can be used towards any Flex Lesson available. Weekly Lessons are specific packages that open up each season for a specific amount of classes. Under weekly lessons you may find Weekly Monday Classes in the UES, for example. Weekly classe are meant for those that will consistently be attending the same day, time and location during the term, while Flex lessons are for those that need a flexible schedule.


Q: I saw a discount and now it is not there. Do I still get the discounted price?

A: Deals, promotions and discounts are only for the time they are available at registration. To take the most of our offers, make sure to book at the time you see them, as they may not last long if spots are taken.


Q: Are there any sibling discounts, or referral discounts?

A: Yes, we do offer great deals for siblings and group registrations. Call us at 212 390 1776 for more details.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Deposits to hold a discounted deal, or a limited spot are not refundable. Gift Cards are not refundable. Cancellation within 72 hours of purchase will result in a full refund, as long as the refund is requested at least 48 hours in advance of the start of the purchased program. Tickets and some specific events are non-refundable. Please refer to the Refund Policy for more details.

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