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Weekend Fall 19 UES Classes

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Check out our Weekend Basketball Skills Optons! 


Saturday Afternoon Skills Sessions @ St. Vincent Ferrer HS on the Upper East Side:

Dates: 9/14 - 12/7

Location: St. Vincent Ferrer HS (151 East 65th St.)

Price: $385 for 11 Sessions


3:00-4:00pm - Ages 5-8

4:00-5:00pm - Ages 9-11

5:00-6:00pm - Ages 12+


Sunday Morning Skills Sessions @ St. Vincent Ferrer HS on the Upper East Side:

Dates: 9/15 - 12/8

Location: St. Vincent Ferrer HS (151 East 65th St.)

Price:  $420 for 12 sessions


9:30-10:30am - Ages 5-8

10:30-11:30am - Ages 9-11

11:30-12:30pm - Ages 12+


 Our new kid's classes and leagues are conveniently held at locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn . Different age groupings and time slots in addition to top-tier coaching, competition, and development make our product the best available in NYC. These programs are open to boys and girls of all skill levels ages 4-17. You can see a full catalog here.


We offer our classes and leagues year round and feature appearances from various NBA players for many unforgettable experiences to be had by your kids. Our philosophy with these programs is to give kids an unforgettable experience that reinforces the best lessons they learn through camps, classes, and year-round training.




Beyond the classes and leagues we offer at many schools in the city, we have a great relationship with The Barclay's Center that translates into many events at the arena, which is a feature we love to utilize! You can read more about our instructional classes and you canview our schedule of these classes here.




We're excited about all of our locations and options for YOU and we're thrilled to have 100s of participants from many different areas in the city as part of the program. We look forward to adding more local locations and exciting events in the future!


Wishlist Guarantee:

  • You are guaranteed a spot in any camp or class available when you add an event to your Wishlist!

  • To add something to your Wishlist and save your spot, just click the red “Add to Wishlist” button on the bottom of the page or next to any class of camp on our registration pages.

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