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Despite all of the benefits offered, we are the lowest priced premium basketball league in New York.

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Why Cris Carter loves NYC Basketball

NYC's #1 League

Listen to NFL legend and loyal league member Cris Carter talk about his NYC Basketball experience on his hit FS1 show: First Things First.

Barclays Finals for all Divisions.

Guaranteed Playoffs

All division finals will be held at the Barclays Center Practice court right across from the Nets locker room (at no additional charge).Check out our blog post

Premium Private Gyms

Home court hardwood

We provide our members with some of the best competition-sized indoor courts in the city, all of which are conveniently located near major subway lines in Manhattan between 2nd St and 96th St in both the West and East side of Manhattan.

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Top Staff at Every Game

Top Refs

Each league game has two hand picked, experienced officials that work to make sure a fun and fair game is had by all. We think we have some of the best referees around.

Top Statisticians

Our two trained statisticians at each game do way more than just keeping score. They work hard to manage all aspects of the game while recording accurate statistics that measure your performance whenever you step on the court.

Scheduling for New Yorkers

Want to play every week

but busy like the rest of New York? No problem. We hold all of our games at premium, private facilities between 7th St and 95th St in Manhattan. Every location is near major subway lines and our games always start on time.

We provide members with some of the nicest courts in the city at the best times to play. The league also utilizes advanced scheduling tools and does everything possible to schedule your games when your team wants to play. On weeknights league games are held once a week from 6:15 PM - 9:45 PM at full-sized Manhattan gyms and Saturdays games are held from 11 AM - 4 PM. Though we can’t always meet all scheduling requests, we’ll do our best to tailor a schedule to fit your teams availability so no one ever has to miss a game.

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Instant Mobile Stats

Instantly get a text with your stats after every game

Two Statisticians at each game use our custom Android app to produce detailed stats and shotcharts. After your game you are immediately sent a text message with a link to review all of your stats on our mobile-friendly site.

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premium finals

Are you ready?

The league is holding all division finals games on the Barclays Center practice court! The league also offers the option to play your finals on the Barclays Center's main court.

We also offer monthly play at Barclays events which league members get half-price access to.

Winter Season Details

Pre Game Reports

Demo of RSVP Matchup

Players can RSVP by email, by text, or on our site. We also allow captains to RSVP for members who don't want to be bothered. Before your game, you get a preview of what to expect with odds to win and a point spread so you can easily scout your opponent.

Preview Odds & Point Spread

Premium Equipment

Digital Scoreboards & More

We provide a digital scoreboard at all of our games so that you can always see the time and score. We also provide high quality Wilson Evolution basketballs for warmup and gameplay. Our statisticians come with tablets and/or computers for tracking all of your stats.

100% Basketball Focus

Join 1000's of New Yorkers

Our league was founded and is run by people that love basketball. Our single goal is the build the best possible experience for basketball players in New York. This allows us to pay attention to every detail unlike other organizations that offer a wider range of sports activities.

Simple Team Management

Hassle-free Registration and Management

One-Minute registration, no annoying collections, simple roster management, simple scheduling and RSVP, flexible payment options, transparent tools to split team fees, jerseys shipped directly to you.

Other Member Benefits

  • Leave Feedback on Staff After Each Game
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Transparent Tools to Split Team Fees
  • Jerseys Shipped Directly to You