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New Features To Make Every Player Feel Like A Pro

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Our new software release includes several new ways for players to analyze their performance. We have included a breakdown of the new features below. You can see these new features on our demo here.


Odds to Win & Point Spread Algorithm 

We have added a dynamically updating odds to win algorithm for each game you have coming up. After doing an analysis of 1000's of past league games we designed the algorithm to take several factors into account for each team including your teams pre-season skill ranking, the strength of your completion and how you did against them, whether your team is balanced or dependent on certain players, and which players have RSVP'd to the game (players with higher efficiency rankings will have more impact on your odds to win). After you RSVP for a game the odds will update with the new knowledge that you are going to be playing. Typically 1 player RSVP'ing will raise the odds to win from .5% to 5% depending on the strength of the player, the players importance to the team, and the number of players already RSVP'd for each team.


Player Efficiency Rankings


Our algorithms look at 10 statistical categories to assess your overall statistical efficiency ranking and percentile compared to other players in your division or league. We also rank you in each category and give you your percentile in your best category.


Shot Chart And Shooting Efficiency Stats


We have added shooting efficiency stats to out shot chart. You can now see your points per shot (pps) and effective fielg goal percentage (EFG%) for each game you play in.

Demo Our New Features

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