2015 Winter Stuytown League on "The Courts."

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NYC Basketball is excited to announce our 2015 winter Stuytown League on “The Courts.” This league is only open to Stuytown residents and guests. “The Courts” are the Stuytown outdoor basketball courts, which are then covered and heated. The winter season will start on January 11th 2016.  It will be an 11 game season with a guaranteed playoff game. The team fee for the winter season is $1,695 while free agents are $169. The free agent placement game will take place on January 4th, 2016. All placement games will take place during the last week of December. 

Additionally, NYC Basketball will be creating open runs all winter on "The Courts." Open runs will be $4 for league members and $8 for non-league members. Open run participants will also get to utilize our stat and analytics capabilities as NYC Basketball will be providing stats after each run. 

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