NYC Basketball League | Warriors Vs Nets Holiday Ticket Package

Warriors Vs Nets Holiday Ticket Package

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Warriors Holiday Ticket Package

Time: Thursday 12/22 7:30 PM
Location: Barclays Center
Price: $258
What You Get:
1. Two tickets on the 200 Level Corners (Rows 3-8)
2. A free credit that can be used to an NBA Player Clinic anytime in the Fall, Winter, or Spring
3. A $100 Credit you can use towards any Winter Class or League.

When is the latest I can reserve this?
We expect this promotion to sell out quickly. We have a limited number of Face Value seats available from the Nets.
What if I want more than two tickets?
You can purchase additional tickets for $129 each on the holiday package registration form.
Will the Free NBA Player Clinic and the $100 Fall Credit be included with the purchase of additional tickets?
As long as the ticket is purchased for a child than that child will also receive both a pass to a free NBA player clinic and a $100 credit for any fall class or league (limit 1 per child)
How will tickets be sent to me?
The tickets will be emailed to you on December 2nd.
How will the free NBA Player clinic pass and the $100 Fall Credit be sent to me?
The $100 Fall Credit and the NBA Player clinic credit will be sent to you by email within 48 hours of you purchasing the offer.
Where can I learn more about Fall classes and leagues after school and on weekends?
You can see all of our youth classes and leagues here.

More About Our Fall Programs


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Beyond the classes and leagues we offer at many schools in the city, we have a great relationship with The Barclay's Center that translates into many events at the arena, which is a feature we love to utilize! You can read more about our instructional classes and you canview our schedule of these classes here.




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