NYC Basketball Kids | Benefits for parents and students of NYC Basketball Kids classes and camps

Trusted Experience

For over 7 years NYC Basketball has operated amazing basketball programs in New York. Through our year-round NBA summer camps, Holiday camps, Clydes AAU teams, NBA player events, Youth Travel Leagues, and Weekly Classes we have built up an incredible roster of coaches and a great collection of gyms that we use. With Flexible Unimited Lessons, any NYC Basketball member can now work towards their basketball goals with one of our amazing coaches in a simple, affordable way.

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How Flexible Lessons Work

Simply buy a pack of 6 or 12 Flexible Lessons on our credit purchase page. You can purchase credits for:

1-on-1 lessons: Where you’ll work exclusively with a coach.

Small Group lessons: Where you’ll be a part of a small group of 2-7 kids with a coach.

Each week you will be able to see next week's OPEN SESSIONS HERE. Once you select the right session you can use your credits to complete registration.

Purchase Flexible Lesson Credits

How Unlimited Lesson Package Works

If you love working with our coaches, we offer an unlimited lesson package that offers incredible value. For $425 a month (or as low as $289/month if buying 3 or more months at once) you get UNLIMITED Small Group Lessons with our coaches (max. 1 lesson per day). We generally recommend that you start with a package of 6 or 12 lessons. This will offer you the chance to tryout the program and to see how many credits you like to use each month before committing to our Unlimited Package.

Unlimited Packages DO NOT include Unlimited 1-on-1 Lessons. Applies only for Unlimited Small Group Lessons.

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When & Where Lessons Are Held

Lessons are held at our gyms throughout Manhattan. We regularly use gyms on the UES, UWS, Chelsea, NoHo and West Village. We also use other gyms throughout the city and we’re constantly working on new options for Lessons.

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Amazing Coaches You'll Learn With

All of our NYC Basketball Coaches are handpicked by our Youth Basketball Development Director and are only assigned once they have gone through our extensive training process. As a Multi-Youth-Program organization we are fully dedicated to working with only high level coaches with a demonstrated track record of successfully coaching student athletes, and to keep buding on their skills and capacities. We work with coaches who are both great basketball coaches and great role models for student-athletes. Our coaches will effectively help you maximize your basketball potential while also creating a fun & safe environment.

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Multiple Age Groups

For Small Group Lessons, groups are broken down by age and skill level so your student-athlete will always be playing with an appropriate skilled group of players. Both Small Group Lessons and 1-on-1 Lessons are offered for boys & girls of all skill levels of ages 5-17.

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Feedback & Progress Reports

Coaches will communicate constantly with you and your student-athletes in a constructive way to help them maximize their potential. We make it a top priority to be available to parents, to provide feedback and updates on your student-athletes' progress towards their set goals.

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