NYC Basketball League | forfeit and rescheduling policies

Rescheduling, RSVP, & Forfeit Policies

We listen carefully to our customers and the convenience of scheduling is consistently one of the most important things to our members. With the help of your feedback we have put in place these policies to help create the best possible league experience..

Customized Scheduling & No Rescheduling

Before the individual player draft and sign up deadline you can edit your scheduling requests by clicking edit settings on your roster page. You can check all key dates & deadlines for the upcoming season here. We do our best to meet your scheduling preferences to the best of our ability. However, unless 1st priority scheduling is purchased, we cannot guarantee that every game will 100% matchup with your preferences. Once the schedule is released for the season, any scheduling issues must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of the schedule release. If we are able to do something to fix a mistake we made we will try our best and if possible we will make an update within the 24 hour window after the schedule is released. After this 24-hour window there will be no rescheduling under any circumstances unless there is an unforeseen gym closure (usually weather or a school having to change their schedule).

1A. Playoffs Schedule Posted Before Season

Players have consistently requested that we release the playoff schedule at the beginning of the season. A link to the playoff schedule is posted on your division standings page during the first week of the season. We ask that all team captains make sure they are available during all of the dates & times for the playoffs. We are not able to change playoff dates and times

2. To Avoid No-Shows We Require 5 RSVP’s Each Week to Avoid Automatic Forfeit

Players who have experienced their opponent no-showing for a game have consistently told us what a letdown it is. To eliminate forfeits we have enacted a strict RSVP & forfeit policy. We require teams to have 5 players RSVP’d by 12 PM the day before their next game game.

Players can RSVP for themselves on our website, by email, or by text. Team captains can also submit RSVPs for all players on their team on our website. Any team that does not have at least 5 RSVPs by 12pm the day before their game automatically forfeits. The team captain will be notified that their team has forfeited their game and the team will receive a loss.

2A. $250 Fine for No Shows

If a team no shows after RSVPing for a game that team will be charged $250. Once the team RSVP’s it’s the responsibility of the team to make sure they find 5 players for the game. Otherwise no shows are inevitable and it will ruin the experience for their opponent.