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Payment & Free Agent Draft Deadline

After speaking with 100’s of team captains about the difficulties of managing a team we have put the following policies into effect so you can spend less time dealing with hassles and more time just playing.

Payment Terms & Deadlines

We strongly prefer for team captains to pay the entire team fee. However, in order to be as flexible as possible for league members we offer the option for teams to split their team fee among team members. After signing up a team, the captain can invite members to accept their invitation to the team and to submit their portion of the team fee.

Roster members have until the team payment deadline to pay their portion of the team fee. If the full team portion of the team fee has not been paid by the team payment deadline, the team captain will be charged for the remainder of the balance on the day of the team payment deadline. The league is pay to play and at this stage unable to support having teams in that wish to pay after the start of the season.

If your team does not have enough guys you have the option to draft free agents on to the team who each cover a portion of the team cost. Free agents must be requested by the free agent draft deadline. There are more details on the free agent draft below.

Free Agent Draft

To help teams that are having a hard time finding enough teammates to form a complete roster, NYC Basketball has introduced the Free Agent Draft. The Free Agent Draft gives teams the ability to have their ideal roster size and keep their schedule preferences, while at the same time saving money on their team fee. Each free agent will deduct the cost of a free agent off the team fee. Teams can request up to 5 Free Agents when they register their team and can change that number until the deadline for the Free Agent Draft. On the day of the Free Agent Draft, the requested number of free agents will be deducted from the team fee.

(For example: If the free agent cost for that season is $149, each free agent will cost as $149 towards the team fee/ If the free agent cost for that season is $199, each free agent will cost as $199 towards the team fee)

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