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Who are the Clydes?

The Clydes are a competitive, tryout-based team basketball program in New York City. All of our Clydes student athlete’s are placed on teams based on their age/grade from 9U - 16U. Our program is designed to give talented & dedicated youth basketball student athlete’s a chance to develop their skills in a fun and competitive environment. All student athletes will learn valuable skills such as teamwork, discipline, and accountability from our great coaching staff.

Our teams practice twice a week & have exclusive access to skill sessions, and strength and conditioning sessions throughout the week.

Games are played on the weekends at gyms in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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Our Seasons:

Fall/Winter season: October - March (Our Tryouts run from September - October)

Spring/Summer season: April - July (Our Tryouts run from Februrary - April)

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Core Values

Clydes teams Play Hard: Our coaches instill a work ethic that can extend beyond the court. No matter the score, our players always play their hardest.

Clydes teams Play Smart: We work to instill a high basketball IQ and utilize a progressive curriculum to teach skills and concepts from the ground up.

Clydes teams Play Together: Teamwork is incredibly important to our program, from the coaches to the players to the parents. We strive to work together on and off the court to build a great program.

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Prince Reina - 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U Head Coach

Noah Griffith - 13U & 14U Head Coach

Tyler Martin - 15U Head Coach

Jason Canidate - 16U Head Coach

Kevin Luc - 15U & 16U Head Coach

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