NYC Basketball League | FAQ


General Information

Creating a Team

It’s very easy to create your own team. Here is the link to create a new team.

Joining a Team

Here is the link to join an existing team (you must already have been invited by the team captain). You must also make sure that your account you are using has the same email that the team captain sent your invitation to. You can check the email associated with your account on your account settings page here.

What is the pricing per season?

Our pricing each season depends upon the number of games in the season. The prices for the upcoming season are always located on the league website along with complete details on the specifics for the upcoming season. Season prices are divided into two categories: Individual Player or Team, please view the attached links for Individual Player and Team prices.

How many seasons does NYC Basketball offer?

We hold seasons year round properly matched with the change of seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

How will I get notified about a game?

Your schedule can be found under "My Team". In the rare event of a scheduling change, we will email you and confirm the switch over the phone with your captain. Make sure to RSVP to all of your games in a timely fashion.

Is there a Woman’s League?

We offer co-ed optional divisions every season.

How does the Fall Saturday league work?

This Fall, we will have a special Saturday league with a new format. The season will have a minimum of 6 games, plus play in tournament and playoffs. In addition, teams have the option to play a game at the Barclays Center practice court on August 8th.

The prices are as follows: $1,495 for a team + $375 for optional Barclays Center $149 for Individual Players on 11-player teams $179 for Individual Players on 9-player teams

The schedule will be sent out on July 23 and game will start on the 25th.

What if I want NYC Basketball League to host an event for my office?

We are available and capable to assist in events related to the spectrum of basketball. We offer as much assistance as possible to help create a memorable event whether it is for your office, camp, school, etc. For more information contact us at 212-390-1776.

What days and times are games held?

Games are held Monday through Thursday nights from 6:45-9:45 PM. If you have specific days or times you prefer you can include this information on your team sign up form. We will do our best to meet all requests for specific days and times that you need. Scheduling requests are met on a first come first serve basis, so if you have scheduling requests we recommend getting your registration completed as far in advance of the start of the season as you can.

Do I get a uniform?

All new members will be provided uniforms to participate in the league. You have two options to choose from when signing up; t-shirts are included and jerseys are considered an upgrade, so for an additional fee you and/or your team will receive jerseys. If you are a returning member/team we ask that you notify us about receiving new uniforms.

Individual Players = $15
Team = $180

How Do We Go About Forming Evenly Matched Divisions?

We constantly monitor team performance and we invest time and energy to make sure returning teams are placed in the perfect division. Our refs and scorekeepers scout these games and provide us with detailed reports that we use to rank each team. A teams self assessed skill level of beginner to advanced (beginner, beginner-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced, and advanced) is used as a starting point for analyzing a team and ultimately they're ranked based on in person evaluations of performance. Teams are then ranked from 1st to last and split up into divisions of 8-12 teams that are close to them in skill level.

If for a given season there were 100 teams and we put 10 teams per division. After reviewing and ranking all teams, a Team is ranked 25th out of 100. They are placed in division 3 below which includes teams ranked from 21-30.

Example Breakdown
  • Division 1 - Advanced - Teams Ranked 1-10
  • Division 2- Advanced--> Intermediate-Advanced - Teams Ranked 11-20
  • Division 3- Intermediate Advanced - Teams Ranked 21-30 (Team A Would be Here)
  • Division 4 Intermediate Advanced--> Intermediate - Teams Ranked 31-40
  • Division 5- Intermediate - Teams Ranked 41-50
  • Division 6 Intermediate --> Beginner-Intermediate- Teams Ranked 51-60 (Team B Would be Here)
  • Division 7 Beginner-Intermediate - Teams Ranked 61-70
  • Division 8 Beginner Intermediate- Beginner - Teams Ranked 71-80
  • Division 9 Beginner 1- Teams Ranked 81-90
  • Division 10 Beginner 2- Teams Ranked 91-100.

Team Information

How Do I sign up a Team?

To sign up a new team you just need to complete the team sign up form. You’ll enter your info, the team name, your skill level, your preferences, and then you’ll be able to invite players and submit payment.

How Do I Invite Players After I’ve Already Signed Up?

If you are the team captain you can add new players anytime on your roster page by pressing “Invite Players”.

Can I Add Players During a Season?

You can add new players to your team anytime on the roster page. To be playoff eligible, players need to have been on the roster before the start of the season or else they need to play in half your games.

How Do I Remove Players From My Roster?

Team captains can remove players on the roster page by clicking the pinwheelnext to the teammates name.

Can I Choose Specific Days, Times, & Locations?

On the team sign up form you can list your preferred days & times for games and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Can I Choose Specific Days, Times, & Locations?

On the team sign up form you can list your preferred days & times for games and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

What’s the Min/Max # of Players on a Team?

To have a functional team you should have a minimum of 7 players. We max out the number of players on a team at 18 (If you have more than this please contact the league office).

How Do I Track Payments Made?

You can see how much all players on your team have paid so far on the roster page.

How do I Choose & Receive My Uniforms?

When completing the new team sign up form team captains have the option of receiving league T shirts or paying $180.00 extra to upgrade to premium reversible jerseys. After completing the team sign up form the selected uniforms will be sent to the address provided by the team captain.

What Notifications Do the League Send?

The league sends email and SMS notifications reminding you to RSVP for upcoming games. The league also sends email and SMS notifications instantly when your stats are uploaded after games.

Can I Edit My Notification Settings for Teammates?

All league members can control their own notification settings in their account settings page here. You can share this link with anyone else who would like to log in and change their settings. We do not have a way at the moment for captains to mass change the settings for all teammates.

How Do Playoffs Work?

The league puts the top 3 teams into the semi finals. The remaining teams play in a play-in tournament to determine who will receive the 4th and final spot in the semi finals. There will be more information on the playoffs on your league standings page during the season.

What is the Play in Tournament?

The play in tournament is a tournament among all teams in a division who did not finish in the top 3. The winner of the tournament gets the 4th and final spot in the divisional semifinals. The play in tournament keeps teams in play for their divisional even if they have a losing record and are underdogs. We have done a lot of work over the past year to optimize the play in tournament format and it has become a great part of the NYC Basketball experience. There will be more information on the playoffs on your league standings page during the season.

Will We Play at Barclays?

Team registration does not include our premium finals option. If you want to have your inter-divisional finals at Barclays make sure to check the Barclays add on box on the sign up form. This is usually $250 extra.

Individual Player Information

How Do I Sign Up ?

To sign up as an Individual Player you need to complete our individual player sign up form here.

When Can I Sign Up?

If you sign up before our individual player placement game we guarantee you a spot on a team. If you sign up after the placement game (late registration) you will be placed on our waitlist and we will usually be able to get you on a team within 7 days.

How to Decide on My Skill Level ?

You can learn more about league skill levels here. Self reported skill level, along with your performance at the placement games allow us to place you on the correct team.

How Much is it to Sign Up ?

Find details on pricing for our upcoming season here.

Teaming Up with Friend(s) ?

We encourage individual players to sign up with one or more friends or colleagues. We guarantee placement on the same team to have the most enjoyable experience.

How do FA Placement Games Work?

Our FA placement game is a series of open runs divided by skill level. The goal of these games is to twofold; to help players find potential teammates and to confirm players self reported skill levels.

# of Games Per Season?

Here is a link to details on the # of games in our upcoming season as well as additional information on the season such as details on our playoffs and play in tournament format.

How Do I Get My Roster & Schedule?

Once registered your roster can be found here and schedule can be found here.

Will I Play at Barclays?

Free agent registration does not include our premium finals option. If you want to have your inter-divisional finals at Barclays make sure to check the Barclays add on box on the FA sign up form. This is usually $29 extra.

Can FA’s Request Specific Days or Times for Games?

Unfortunately, individual players cannot make scheduling requests. However, if you manage to sign up an entire team we will be able to schedule all of your games according to your needs.

Will My Team Be Players of the Same Skill Level?

We do our best to put teams of similar skill level together. We make sure your team is competitive within its division. However, if you want to be the best player on your team rate yourself modestly. Conversely, if you would like to surround yourself with talent, rate yourself ambitiously.

Auto Renew for Individual Players?

Registered individual players are automatically enrolled in auto-renew for the next season two weeks before the end of the current season.

Individual Player Payment Options?

Free agent must pay the full individual player fee before the placement game in order to participate in the placement game. If you sign up after the placement game (late registration) payment must be in before our registration deadline for you to be placed on a team. You can submit payments on the payment page.

How Will I Get My Jersey?

Your team captain will receive all of your teams jerseys. If you are interested in being a team captain let us know by emailing

To reserve your spot for this season as an individual player, sign up here.

Help & Site Tips

Is the desktop site and mobile site different?

Desktop and mobile have the same functionality, but look slightly different. When looking for “My Stats” or “My Team, those buttons on in the header on desktop, and in the footer on mobile.

Header on Desktop

Header on Mobile

Footer on Mobile

Forget Your Password?

You can reset your password here

Where Can I Edit My Personal Info?

You can edit your personal information on your account settings page. You can access that page anytime by hovering over your name in the top right hand corner and clicking the dropdown link for “settings”.

Can I Change Teams Name or Settings?

Go to your roster page by hovering over “My Team”. Press “Edit Settings” above the list of members, and from there you can change your team name and other settings.

How to RSVP for Games?

--You can RSVP from your dashboard.

--The “My Team” page by looking for a check mark(Yes I will be attending the game) or an X (No I will not be attending the game)

How Can Team Captain’s RSVP for Players on Their Team?

--Your captain can RSVP for your entire team on the “My Team” page.

How to Submit a Payment?

  • 1. Click the three horizontal lines
  • 2. Press which will direct you to your payment page.
  • 3. From there you can make a generic payment or submit payment for your portion of the team fee. Any payments made towards a team fee can be kept track of on your teams roster page.

How to Review My Teams Payments?

Go to your roster page. You can always find this by hovering over “My Team” and clicking roster. On the roster page you can review your teammates individual payments, the amount paid, and the total team fee.

Using Shot Chart & Advanced Shooting Data?

We offer instant shot charts for all games (broken down by each player in the game) as well as a shot chart of all shots you have ever taken in league games (broken down by game). You can access all team shot charts by clicking “My Team” in the site header(footer in mobile) and you can access your personal shot chart by clicking “My Stats”

Season Vs Career Stats?

There are two tabs, Season Stats & Career Stats that can be found on your “My Stats” page

Using Shot Chart Filters?

“My Shotchart” can be found under the “My Stats” tab. You can filter your shotchart by game, and see where you made shots, missed shots, and your personal stats for that game.

Viewing Your Full Schedule?

  • -- Go to your dashboard and press “View All Upcoming Games"
  • OR
  • 1. Click the three horizontal lines
  • 2. Press

How to Leave Staff Feedback?

After each game you will receive an SMS message on your phone with your personal and team stats from that evening’s game. Here you will provide feedback on your Refs and Statisticians (with stars much like uber).

Can’t Find an Invitation?

First make sure your captain sent you an invitation to the correct email that corresponds with your user profile. To figure out which email is used for your profile, hover over your name and click “settings”. If an invitation is sent, a red notification bar should be present along the top of your screen which notifies you about a pending invitation or your invitation might be waiting for you in the join an existing team page.