NYC Basketball League | School Day Program and Basketball Pods Details.

School Day Program and Basketball Pods Details.

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Typical Day:

9am- 1030 AM - Group Study Time with Tutor with 1 on 1 breakouts 
1030 AM- 1130 AM- Basketball Instruction
1130 AM- 1230 PM- Group Study Time with Tutor
1230 PM- 1 PM- Lunch 
1 PM- 215 PM - Group Study Time with Tutor with 1 on 1 break outs
215 PM- 330 PM- Basketball Instruction w Safe Constructive Non- Contact Games 

Group Study Time:

Group Study Time will be overseen by a head coach and a dedicated academic tutor. Each group will have a maximum of 10 students and 2 staff members. There will be an emphasis on commenting w families to understand your child and his or her academic background and priorities. We will use this information to form groups and to ensure that all staff members always make the most of group study time. 

Basketball Instruction:

There will be a focus on having an enriching , positive environment for students that they look forward to coming to each day. While our first priority will be to excel in study time to ensure students maintain their school work we will also be focused on providing an amazing basketball experience where student athletes can have fun and improve their game every week. 

Tutors and Coaches:

Tutors: All tutors have been handpicked based off an extensive amount of experience and are extremely selective interview process. They have also been carefully screened for the right personality and demeanor to work with student athletes. Most of them were succesful student athletes themselves who are particularly passionate about working with student athletes. 
Coaches: All of our coaches assigned to this program have experience working at schools. While they may often be a gym teacher or an administrator they have experience managing a classroom. They are all expected to assist the groups tutor in their group during study hours while ensuring we have a enriching, productive environment for students where they are fully supported in completing and excelling at their school responsibilities.  

Covid Safety:

  • Social distancing and hygiene protocols will be in place to ensure your kids' safety. 

  • All our programs require all employees and customers to wear masks if in frequent contact with others.

  • We implement strict cleaning and sanitation standards.

  • We have health screening process for individuals entering.


Flexibility for Parents:

- We offer transportation from all 5 boroughs
- We offer late pick up and early drop off with enriching after school programs available 
- We offer flexibility if your child is attending school some days of the week but not all days of the week



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