NYC Basketball Kids Arron Afflalo Clinic Review

by Evan on



Thank you to everyone who participated and made our Arron Afflalo Camp a success. We could not have done it without you! We hope everyone enjoyed playing and meeting one of the top players on the Knicks in this once in a lifetime experience.



The campers practiced their triple threat stance where they were taught to pivot in order to shoot, dribble, or pass. They focused on being in this strong stance and keeping the ball away from their defender.



They also worked on their dribbling skills and focused on keeping the ball below their waist. To make it more challenging, they were told to say the number that was held up in order to keep them from looking down at the ball.



Arron enjoyed interacting with the kids and coaching to improve young players’ fundamental skills. In addition to running drills, Arron gave a motivational speech in hopes to inspire these young athletes. At the end of camp, he signed autographs and took pictures with the campers. We hope everyone had a good and fun time and look forward to seeing you at other upcoming events!





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